Welcome to Acupuncture Center for Women

Acupuncture Center for Women has a special interest in women’s health and helping all women reach optimal health. Many women seek acupuncture on their journey into motherhood.  Women also seek acupuncture treatments to prepare for pregnancy, during pregnancy, postpartum and menopause.  Examples of symptoms treated at this clinic.

Irregular periods post birth control


Support during Assisted Reproductive Technology  

Backpain and sciatica during pregnancy

Morning sickness and Hyperemesis gravidarum

Restless legs during pregnancy

Anxiety during pregnancy

Insomnia during pregnancy

Edema during pregnancy

Pre-birth treatments

Labor preparation treatments

Acupressure during labor to reduce pain associated with contractions 

Backpain postpartum

Baby blues postpartum

Insufficient milk supply postpartum

Hot flashes during and after menopause

Insomnia during menopause

Anxiety during menopause

Pre and Post surgery treatments

Please call the clinic to inquire about other symptoms and how acupuncture can help at 617-721-3126.

Traveling the Energetic Highway: What Are Meridians?

Traveling the Energetic Highway: What Are Meridians?

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Opioid Addiction: What Is It and Why Is It Prevalent Today

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The opioid epidemic is considered to be the deadliest crisis in United States history and overdoses have also become the leading cause-of-death in people under the

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Eastern vs. Western: How the Medical Practices Differ

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