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About Jennifer

Jennifer Cahoon, Lic. Ac., Founder of Acupuncture Center for Women After becoming a licensed acupuncturist in 2008, I became pregnant. I had been receiving acupuncture treatments to regulate my periods since coming off years of birth control. My periods were unpredictable from the longtime use of birth control and after completing acupuncture school I knew how acupuncture could help. Pregnancy was a benefit of these acupuncture treatments. I loved being pregnant and attributed this experience to utilizing what I learned in acupuncture school to help where Western medicine had limited options. Postpartum was different than I had anticipated, and it was a time without planning or regular acupuncture treatments. I had no idea how distracted I would be after having a baby. I never even thought I should take the time to step away to have regular acupuncture treatments. I suffered with mastitis 3 times and constantly felt like I had a severe case of the flu. Each day I told myself I just need to get through my son’s feedings, that is all I need to do today. This was not the quality time I had thought I would be spending with my family. I wish I had thought about regular acupuncture treatments as a preventative measure for mastitis. Going through this I do understand how having a baby can distract you from helping yourself. Looking back, I truly missed out on the power of acupuncture to provide what Western medicine was missing in my postpartum treatment options. In my practice I have a special interest in women’s health, and I utilize and integrate combined therapies of Eastern and Western medicine to obtain optimal health. I understand a woman’s life is busy and she needs to take time to put herself first. Many times, taking simple steps with diet and exercise are effective. I have a 20-year background in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry with 16 years in Quality Assurance. I learned of unwanted side effects of these medications in acupuncture school and learned patients would receive acupuncture for the side effects of the medicine we were making. I often dreamed of adding acupuncture to this company’s clinical trials to treat these side effects. I love watching patients transform themselves into a stronger, healthier person with a safe and effective treatment method which acupuncture offers. Call (617)-721-3126 now for your free 15 minute consultation to learn if acupuncture can help you.
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